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Anna Heylen graduated from the Fashion Department of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. Her first women’s collection appears in 1996. She possesses an eye for detail, has loads of creativity and is a master of her trade.

Her designs are characterised by a diverse range of influences and she experiments with a variety of materials and techniques. In 1998 she opens her first shop in Antwerp. Maison Anna Heylen is located in a former warehouse, dating from 1904, in Lombardenstraat. In addition to her own collection she also designs couture pieces and bridal gowns.

Anna Heylen plays with volume and special finishes throughout the entire collection and she loves experimenting with fabric.  Handmade articles, details created by hand and screen printing are once again focal points in Anna Heylen’s collection. Craftsmanship has remained the leitmotiv through the years.

Anna Heylen has used recycled fur in her collections for many years. She cuts patterns out in fur and creates new shapes and unique pieces. Old fur is given a new life. For example, you will find beautiful, handmade scarves with accents in recycled fur in the collection. Another eye-catcher to be found is a trendy waistcoat finished with recycled fur.

The musicians of the orchestra Le Concert Olympique are dressed by Maison Anna Heylen.


In 1993 Anna Heylen designed a wonderful series of handmade dolls for Antwerp, European City of Culture. These dolls are still travelling the world today and are exhibited in international museums and galleries.

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Craftsmanship remains the guiding thread through the years and through Maison Anna Heylen’s collections. Most garments are made completely by hand, and so they are also only sold in a limited quantity. A personal design such as a bridal dress or exclusive evening wear can also be created on request. The starting point is always a “good feeling”.


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