Reclaim To Wear By Livia Firth

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Reclaim To Wear is an organisation that puts together designers, producers, distributors and allow them to create Capsule Collection only using recycled fabrics.


One of the main protagonist of this project is Livia Firth who is a promoter of ethical fashion world wide. Exclusively for Yoox she created  an eco party dress that she wore during the Venice Film Festival in September.  This dress is very elegant and it is inspired by the Divas of the 50s.

Eco-age is a ethical project with an online shop, a store in Uk and this year one should be open in Milan.

At the store it is possible to buy not only clothes but pieces of furniture, purses, jewels and to receive ethical consultancies for interior design. In this project it is not only Livia involved but also her husband Colin and Livia’s brother.

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