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Venezuelan Designer Amaloa Bonvecchio does not stray far from her Latin roots when it comes to her designs! She graduated in 1992 from Las Mercedes Design Institute in Caracas as a Fashion Designer and since then her professional endeavor in the Fashion Industry has been filled with triumph!

Through her journey, Amaloa has discovered the alluring connection between art, fashion, and nature. She enjoys creating collections that incorporate rare materials. Among other exotic finds, reptile skin, feathers, bones, tusks, and horns, are a few favorites of this designer!
There are no limits as she transforms these raw natural materials into magnificent art pieces with a conscience!
As Amaloa produces mystic fashion with good vibes, she is deeply inspired by the meanings of the stones and their energy. She creates every one-of-a-kind piece by hand with passion, meaning and a sense of fashion, always looking for new and unique proposals to share.
Winner of the Tiffany Jewelry Design Award at Miami International Fashion Week 2009, Amaloa designs catwalk and couture jewelry, truly representative of her versatile and unique vision of artistic style!

Helping others is a top priority for Amaloa. She has donated her time, jewelry and money to many organizations and charities including: Honey Shine Mentoring Program (Alonzo Mourning Foundation), Sandy B. Muller Breast Cancer Foundation, Susan G. Kormen, Junior League Against Cancer, Humane Society, ADS America Developing Smile, Food Network Auctions, Fundación La Ventana de los Cielos, and Wild Wildife Fund.
Amaloa currently resides in Los Angeles with her family and her unique accessories can be found in up-scale boutiques in Miami, Los Angeles, Mexico, and Italy!

Amaloa jewelry was the Winner of Tiffany Jewelry Design Award week 2009. 

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