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Curtsy & Bow is a new luxury nail line that is making significant changes to nail lacquer formulas.
Launched this July by creative Director Melissa Huynh, The lacquer is an organic collection that will hold up to the wear and tear of every day life. While most other organic products last for a period of three to five days which is comparable to the inexpensive drug-store and beauty supply chain products, Curtsy & Bow can last up to 10 days with proper maintenance.
Going green is something that has been happening across the board in the cosmetics industry, with the nail industry just starting to catch on. Curtsy & Bow is committed to making products in the nail industry safer for the customer, and the environment. What also makes the collection special is that it is 3 free, meaning it does not contain the 3 toxic chemicals that are usually found in nail lacquer. These chemicals are Formaldehyde, Toluene, and Dibutyl Phthalate, which have been known to cause certain types of birth defects, respiratory problems, and can sometimes lead to cancer.
The debut “Yacht Club Collection” was inspired by the creative director’s travels through the Caribbean. The collection consists of 7 different colors that are perfect to wear throughout the year. The lacquers come in a .5 fluid ounce glass bottle topped with a recyclable aluminum cap, and are priced at $15.00 to $20.00. The colors include:
  • Intimate Sand is a powder pink solid lacquer
  • Shell We Dance is a peach/coral pink solid lacquer
  • Wasap-bi? is a Khaki/Green Solid lacquer
  • St. Thomas Blue me Away is a powder blue solid lacquer
  • Shiraz with tha Stahz is a deep wine with silver speckles lacquer
  • Supernova Girl is a silver glitter top coat
  • Jetset In My SunSet is a gold glitter top coat

Coming from a company of women with multi-cultural backgrounds, including Vietnamese, Indian, African American, native American, French, and Swedish, it is a constant goal to create products that are not only ecologically sound, and could help maintain your beauty for as long as possible.

Curtsy & Bow is a leading supplier of organic nail lacquer, and is expanding into organic hair and skin care, and make Up. We will be on every continent in the world, and will be sold in every major luxury department store, boutique, beauty retailer, and top quality salon & spa. The web-site will be a leading beauty e- commerce website, with sales extending into the millions. 


 It is our mission to acknowledge beauty in every shape and form, and to provide products that help maintain the longevity of your beauty, in a safe & sustainable way.

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