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Canadian jewellery designer Monika Peczeli was born in Hungary, where East meets West and the modern and eclectic all comes together as a fusion of one fashion extravaganza.

Monika is an artist of many trades. Her artistic energy was expressed through graphics and painting, but soon fashion became the vehicle for her visual creativity. In 2006 her dreams become reality, and she launched her first independent label: Monikque Costume Jewellery.

Bejeweled oases radiant with stars. Exotic patterns inspired by sparkling treasures. Delicate intricacies emboldened by nature’s truest colours, with hints of the ultraflirtatious and feminine. Each piece of jewellery is designed to adorn the woman who has confidence in her own taste and style. The woman with the boldness of youth and the experience to wear what she dares.

Personally created by the artist Monika Peczeli, the jewellery collection conveys a unique signature. The imprint of creativity that draws on simple riches to transform them into objects of captivating beauty. She surprises with unique compositions of arresting materials. Rich palettes, textured silks, sumptuous velvets, airy organza, crystal beads, mineral and Swarovski stones, infusing her pieces with soulful techniques and artistic inspiration.
Her designs has been seen at various fashion events including the famous Dress to Kilt Fashion Event, the Bell Celebrity Gala Fashion Show as well  at the L’Oreal Fashion Week. Monikque Jewellery has also been featured in various press  and on many national and international red carpets, such as the Toronto International Film Festival.

Monika Peczeli continues to known for her intricately detailed gorgeous wearable art.

Monikque 2009 Collection:

The latest collection inspired by Liselotte Watkins show stopping art nouveau fashion illustrations. Clever and confident with no limitations, complete freedom of expression through colour, shape and texture. In addition, Monikque Limited Edition jewelry addresses the fervent collector.



    “.. I love them because they transform a simple black turtleneck and

      slacks, and remind me of the runway creations of Miriam Haskell,

                     the mid-century costume jewellery maven…”


           – Nathalie Atkinson’s weekly obsession, National Post

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