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Inspired by the medieval Arabic tales from 1001 Nights, Armani has created a new perfume collection called “La collection des Mille et Une Nuits”.

These 3 fragrances have been designed for the Middle East market using some of their local ingredients.

The fragrances are: Ambre Orient, Rose d’ Arabie. and Oud Royal.

Ambre Orient is a scent of vanilla and dark woody aromas of sandalwood and patchouli with thyme, labdanum and amber, spiced with cinnamon and pink pepper.

Rose d’Arabie combines Damascus rose with patchouli, vanilla and Arab woods.

Oud Royal is a warm and spicy elixir of agar wood. Agar is enriched with spicy notes of saffron, amber, rose, sandalwood and incense.

It is now possible to purchase the Rose D’Arabie in 30 selected stores in Italy.

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