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Too bad that you cannot smell the perfume of my Miller Harris “L’air de Rien” (oak moss, neroli, amber and vanilla) otherwise I am sure you would run to a store to buy one bottle.  Probably most of you don’t know who Miller Harris is that why I am writing this post about her. Miller Harris is the brand name of Lyn Harris who is a perfumer from London. I heard about this company several years ago on a Tv show and the idea of a woman creating perfumes intrigued me. Next step was to find a store where to buy this perfume unless I was going to London. Fortunately I was able to find it in Venice where I bought my first bottle of “L’air de rien” ; this perfume was created and dedicated to Jane Birkin’s life and style. Besides the smell of it, the other thing I like about Miller Harris’ creations  is that they cannot be found in any cosmetic stores but in specific perfume stores,  on the web site or in one MH stores in London.

Lyn Harris pays attention to use natural ingredients in her creations  in order to make them innovative, different and timeless.

A particular care is also paid  to both the bottle and the package, see here below “L’air de Rien” bottle as an example.

Her perfumes are divided into 4 main fragrances: floral, oriental, woody and citrus.

If you need a new perfume, dont buy your usual one but try Miller Harris’ one and you will smell the difference.

Thank you Lyn for your creations.


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